The Rich And The Chosen Will Watch From Space Platforms – Charles Bukowski


From the poem, Dinosauria, We (born into this) Chalres Bukowski

Many of my knowledge base about life, philosophy and wisdom has been gained in those late night sittings with interesting people that I have met throughout my life. This night was no different. I sat in the studio of Kyle William Harper, a skate boarder, t-shirt designer, artist and an all out interesting guy. I set in his work/live studio filled with works of art, skateboard decks, books and t-shirts among other things. As he pulled books from the shelves to indulge me in the things that has made him who he is, we started to speak of philosophy and poetry. Throwing names around like Arelius, Ibn Rushd and Krishnamurti, he presented me his smart phone and showed me a video of a poet who was much closer to home. Charles Bukowski (born Heinrich Karl Bukowski; August…

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Tesla is being Banned State to State, why?

Tesla lost its battle for its direct to consumers sales structure in New Jersey early 2014 in a bit of a back handed attack. If you are familiar with Tesla you have probably seen their sales floors in your local malls, with one or two cars in their showrooms. Your car is built to order and usually gets to you in a few weeks or so.  With ‘No-sale’ to ‘ restriction laws in effect in Texas, Arizona, New Jersey, New York, Virginia and Colorado the states claim that Tesla’s direct sales platform negatively affects the dealership structure and can hurt not only the dealership but also the consumer. These claims are stated in most part by governors of state and the Coalition of Automotive Retailers. Tesla has placed itself as one of the few auto manufacturers that builds mostly in America.

Homeless Man Sings for a McDonald’s Big Mac

This is both sad and heartwarming at the same time. Homeless man works hard for his Big Mac at McDonald’s by singing to the co-workers. There is a message here: corporate America can help – but they don’t, it is the people who help.